Monday, 24 December 2012

Accessories for my newborn boy

My husband is very fond of taking pictures of our newborn baby. Since his birth on 6th Dec 2012 he keeps on doing it every day. 
Here are some photos with a sleeping cocoon and a hat which I have knitted. This sleeping sack has turned out to be a very handful accessory, specially when going out for visiting the doctor.
And seems it has some magical effect, because during all three hours of continuous noise in the hospital and on the road while awaiting for the doctor, standing in the queue, and coming back home he was sleeping very tightly.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Christmas tree souvenir

Ho ho ho! In anticipation of Happy New Year and Christmas I decided to make a Christmas tree. 
I used one nice description, but after decided to make my own one so a few more Christmas trees are standing in the queue.

Monday, 26 November 2012

Beaded purse - to be continued

After a long period of time I finished the second part of my future beaded purse. I changed the pattern as long as I am not very keen on repeating the same things.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Painted doily Mandala

Finally I found some time to concentrate on finishing one of my pending projects - a painted doily.
It's made with sewing threads of different color shades organised in circular designs. I don't know how I came up with such a name for it - mandala doily, but looking at these circular designs  with a smooth change of colors  reminded me of mandalas.
The size of the doily is 32 cm in diameter. Still it's waiting for its final setting.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Lacy Baby Photo Prop set

Here is another baby wrap, this time in a set with a hat, headband and two bracelets decorated with purls and beads.
I used a very soft fine yarn (100% acrylic  100 gr. 1220 m)  and a crochet hook 1O mm for the wrap, 6 mm for the hat, and 3 mm for the headband and bracelets.
It is the sweetest photography prop ever, but is not intended for every day use. 
Since it’s crocheted using a super large hook, this lacy wrap comes out very light and airy.

Lacy Mohair Baby Wrap Photo Prop

This article is only a photo prop, I'm not sure if anybody can use it daily for a baby. This lacy wrap provides transparency, so that every curve and fold of a cute naked munchkin can be seen.
This lacy newborn wrap is a very versatile piece and can be put on top of baby, under baby or wrapped around baby like a cocoon or bowl. And it's immensely stretchable.
I used a lovely super fine kid mohair yarn (30gr. 320m) and 12mm size needles.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Little mermaid set

I just don't know how to present this photo prop set. The picture says everything! Just enjoy imagining how your sweet cutie will look like in this costume.
Here are nice little mermaid cocoon with  starfish headband and a beanie with a shell broach  Fortunately, I could find a thorough video tutorial how to make the cocoon. For the shell stitch beanie I found some useful information on this site.
Here is another description for a mermaid cocoon I just found.  It's great thing when people eagerly share their experience!

This photo was made by professional Russian family Photographer Asha Laxshmi (Bangalore), who actually ordered all these staff. Here is her site Those interested are always welcome with wholehearted Russian hospitality :)))

Newborn photography prop white set

Here is another set, this time all made from white woolen yarn and consists of a cabled baby blanket, a cabled hat with fluffy pompoms, leg warmers and a headband. Oh and also cozy baby pod cocoon. All made to keep your little cutie warm for a winter style photo session :))
 Here I found a useful tutorial for this Baby Pod Cocoon.

These photos were made by professional Russian family Photographer Asha Laxshmi (Bangalore), who actually ordered all these staff. Here is her site Those interested are always welcome with wholehearted Russian hospitality :)))

Hanging Stork Pouch

Hanging Stork Pouch photography prop looks like an empty nest waiting for a cute munchkin.
Find a pattern here.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Long tail hat for a newborn

Here we go with another photo prop - a long tail elf hat. 
Here are some tutorials (here and here) how to make it. Hope they will be helpful, but remember to check the gauge with the yarn and needles you chose before following the instructions.
This photo was made by professional Russian family Photographer Asha Laxshmi (Bangalore), who actually ordered all these staff. Here is her site Those interested are always welcome with wholehearted Russian hospitality :)))

Monday, 5 November 2012

Hoodie cocoon

I must say I have fallen in love with this simple look cocoon. It's not only a must-have photo prop, but it's also very useful for keeping babies warm and secure. A kind of a sleeping sack.

Despite the fact that I found a very nice description for this item, I came across some problems. 
First, I could not get that stretchy rolling edge, instead it came out very tight. I found one solution. Though, for this cocoon I used 9 mm circular needles, I cast on the stitches on 12 mm needles and then continue knitting with 9 mm circs. Besides I had to recalculate the number of the stitches for my gauge to fit 16 inch circumference, I also had to undo it many times, because I was dissatisfied with the side stitches on the hood of the cocoon. The holes were quite visible and there were very loose loops on the wrong side of it. So I was dealing with an issue how to make tight and neat looking short rows. In that description it was proposed to use wrap and turn method but after browsing on the Internet for a long time I found two methods which solve my problem. 

Sunday, 4 November 2012

A set for a newborn

Finally I finished a set for our awaited baby. As we don't know who is it going to be I tried to choose colors which may suit both a boy and a girl. Hopefully in hot Indian climate this woolen set will be of any use :). 

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

A Giraffe in love

Well, another accessories for newborn photo sessions. I called it a Giraffe in love because of the spots made in the shape of hearts. So it consists of a funny hat with nice hairy horns and ears and a diaper cover with a small braided tail.

For general hat measurements for a newborn I rely on circumference - 14 inch (35,5 cm) and depth  5,5-6 inch (14-15cm) and top diameter about 4,5 inch (11 cm).
Crochet Hook size 4 mm and 3 mm (for brims) and Yarn bright yellow color (Nako Pirlata, Microfiber, Turket) 100g/225m
The idea how to make it I took from here. But I had to accustom it to the yarn available which was not bulky.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Newborn photo session accessories 2

One more set is ready. To my mind it's also come out very cute. This time the base color of the set is light yellow - one more neutral color suiting both girls and boys. 

Monday, 10 September 2012

Newborn photo session accessories 1

Here is the first outcome of my experience in making accessories for newborn photo sessions. This exciting order has come from one Russian girl a professional photographer. I got entirely interested in her offer as it is something new and absolutely unknown field in photography for me...It seems that popularity of such photos is growing nowadays. 
This is the set of a baby blanket, a hat and a head band. And absolutely unexpectedly at the end of this work one idea clicked in my mind to crochet a ladybug which was completely matching the whole theme of the set.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Skeletized leaves

This is my first experience in skeletization of leaves, due to this it may not look perfect. I used the leaves of the Sacred Fig tree or it is also known as Bo-Tree.  I have applied a number of different methods to do it, and spent quite a few months, but still could not rub off all the flash of the leaves properly. I was boiling them with washing soda for 2 hours, I tried to microwave them with soda and hard brew of green tea, and finally I just kept them outside soaked in that liquid. To my mind, there was one fact I had not taken into account I should have used fallen ugly looking leaves, but instead I was selecting the most good looking and fresh ones.

Happy Birthday Doily

Again my beloved doily, and again it's from my beloved Patricia Kristoffersen collection, made for my honoured kathak teacher as a birthday gift, that's why I added this hand made tag :))

Friday, 17 August 2012

Sleeping sack for a newborn

Here I am with a new article - a sleeping sack for a newborn. It turned out to be very sunny due to yellow color, and, as usual, I added something of my own to the description in the knitting magazine - the embroidery of a sleeping teddy bear :) Though it's not completely finished, still lining is not done, but I can't wait to boast!

Sunday, 15 July 2012

One more bottle cover

One more item moved from "Current orders" tag and now I have time for my pending projects. These bottle covers seems to be very due in Indian weather condition, especially when you travel or go out for entire day, they keep your hands free but you always have your water at hand.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Crochet bag

So here we are with a new bag in  "24 heures” Durel Dublin style. Finally it's moved from the "Current orders" tag. This time I added some design of my beloved paisleys and instead of the traditional side brushes I made felted balls.

Monday, 9 April 2012

Beaded purse - Inception

So after long long trials here is the first valued result. One piece of my future beaded bag.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

There is no bad experience

I think it's better to start with describing all the experience with beading the purse, may be it'll be of any use for somebody. I had had a great number of trials before I could finally made something proper. Many times I was dissatisfied with the result and willingly unwinding my work starting it again and again, trying it in different ways.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Cover for portable hard disc

I could not resist to start a new project while running three more at the same time. Every day I saw my husband's portable hard disc getting thick layers of dust...Guess how I decided to solve this problem. Of course to knit a cover. I was inspired by one picture found on the Internet, though  it's a laptop cover, I decided to dare and make something similar to this. Have a look what has come out finally.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

My mom's crafts

My mother despite her workload always wanted to try icon embroidery. Her first experience was with this icon of Mother Mary, the kit for which I gifted to her on one of the Christmas day.

Beaded flowers

This is dandelion...What more I can add :))))

Unknown craft

I have no idea where from I got inspired for this. I just took a hard sheet of paper and a kit with colorful plasticine. By the way it's my portrait.

Embroidered peacock

This is my first big embroidery which I brought from the first trip to India.

Easter eggs

This is the old tradition to decorate eggs for the Easter. This is one of the ways to do it...

Embroidery (pansies)

Another example of my embroidery of long and short stitch technique .

Blue blackwork embroidery

Ribbon embroidery

Garland of ribbon flowers. My first trial.

Bordgello or Florentine embroidery

This pin-holder I tried in borgello technique with some additional design.

Beaded bracelet

This is a bracelet beaded with crochet. The base is plain metal bracelet bought in one of the jewelry stall.


Pansy biscornu. Can be used as a decoration or a pin-holder, or a decorative pin-holder :))))))

Beaded necklace

Elegant necklace with beaded beads

Chair cover

This is a beloved mat of our cat


Rose is crocheted with multicolored thread.

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