Friday, 17 August 2012

Sleeping sack for a newborn

Here I am with a new article - a sleeping sack for a newborn. It turned out to be very sunny due to yellow color, and, as usual, I added something of my own to the description in the knitting magazine - the embroidery of a sleeping teddy bear :) Though it's not completely finished, still lining is not done, but I can't wait to boast!


  1. Юлькааааааааа он супер, очень очень! етот пчёлка- мишка сак!!!!!!

  2. Гыыыы....спасибо! Он многим напоманает пчелку...надо пост что ли переименовать :))))

  3. this is beautiful.. looks like a cute little orange penguin to me..:) keep up the good work..


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