Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cheese Key chain for my husband

It was a birthday of my husband yesterday. And he is a cheese lover. So I decided to make such a funny key chain for him. Seems he liked it!

Jewelry set from PC - Lady Chic

This set turned out to be the most complicated for me: starting from the pattern made in kaleidoscope technic, than baking, polishing etc etc and finishing with final assembling.
The set of three items: necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Jewelry set from PC - Heart of stripes

This is an amusing set...sprang on its own without any careful planning and preparation.

Jewelry set from PC - Rainbow fruits

After the Orange delight set I had a fountain of ideas... So this is another delightful set. It reminds me of Russian summer...which is anyways all year round here in India.

Jewelry set from PC - Orange delight

I'm very fond of orange color, so decided to make such a sunny set . Moreover this is my first order for jewelry made from polymer clay. I'm very sorry that being an economics graduate I'm not a specialist in jewelry design :), but I hope I'll find some suitable courses soon.
This set is for a nice woman with a beautiful name Pranjali. I hope she will feel happy wearing this Orange delight set.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Lunch bags 1

Yes, Lunch bags and this is the first post.
Initially I decided to make one for my husband who is caring his lunch box in a shabby plastic bag. But while browsing in the Internet I found so many nice ideas that decided to try multiple options. This one which I am presenting here is the one chosen by my husband others are ready but waiting for adding a final touch.

Pencil case

I just found this tutorial while browsing for something else. And suddenly it clicked that that's what I really need for myself. As when attending my dancing classes I always have problems finding a pen or a pencil in my bag. That it's become so frustrating, not to mention about funding an eraser among all the books and copybooks and all the stuff inside.

And of course I could not resist attaching a cake pendant.

Bracelet and a key chain from polymer clay

I am continuing my experiments with assembling some items from all the cakes and fruit canes I prepared before. 
I'm very sorry for the picture because I finished them late in the night and the next day morning my parents in law left and took them for gifts and sale for their relatives. So there was no possibility to take a proper picture.

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