Sunday, 11 January 2015

Crochet jewelry

Multistring necklace and earrings with glass beads of different different shape.

Peacock theme

Just trying to utilize the peacock cane I made for some trial. I made two sari broaches and a set. This one looks gigantic but it's merely 2,5 cm wide.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

My three day course in SDI in Bangalore

As long as I became so overwhelmed with jewelry making  I started to search for some professional jewelry design courses here in Bangalore. And I found Solitaire Diamond Institute which is running such courses. The one which suited me was 6-month course, and it was very challenging for me with a small kid at hand. So I decided to try their three day course of fashion jewelry.

Though it turned out that I know quite many things they taught, still there was something new for me. And I was happy to reopen macrame for me. Whenever I heard the word "macrame" I got immediately bored, because I remembered those wall hangings usually with owls made of some boring grey colors and so dusty and dirty with pens and pins penetrated between the knots or those ugly flower pot hangings.
I could not imagine that macrame can be used in jewelry. So I'm definitely intended to try it along with polymer clay.

A bracelet with snake belly knot.

A bracelet with half square knot.

A bracelet with square knot.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Lighthearted necklaces

These two necklaces made from whatever beads were left from that set of Lady chic. 

Pink jewelry

Well I think I'll stop making cake jewelry :) unless somebody orders. Feeling like trying something else in other technics.
This one is just a multi string necklace. The cakes fixed on a chain, other strings made of beads.

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