Saturday, 22 October 2016

Hairless cat

Look who have pitched in my cupboard - a hairless cat Filimon!
A crochet toy around 13 inches long.
If it hadn't been for our cat (donskoy sphinx) who passed away recently, I would not have dared to make this toy...coz it's really finger twisting work to do.

This small hairless cat lives in my cupboard. He is a very shy guy...

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bead embroidered set "Banyan adventure"

It's the second trial of bead embroidered jewelry. And this time a full set. It took me long time to make it, but also finding all the materials needed, specially all kinds of match beads. The cabochons are made from polymer clay and covered with epoxy resin. There you can notice the print of a banyan tree leaf.
Necklace - 19", the lenght of the pendant - 3,5"
bracelet - length - 8", width -  1 5/8",
earrings - 2,5"

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Catssss with sausagessss

Lovely cats with sausages. 
3" long made with kid mohair yarns.

- Вась, а не этот ли хмырь мне фингал под глаз поставил?
- Петь, я тебе уже говорил это пятно от рождения...
-.....Вась, а давай все равно ему в морду дадим, а то че он такой в белом стоит тут и лыбится....

Polymer clay with micro macrame

This time I tried a bit complicated designs for micro macrame.
These two pendants have a natural leaf print mixed with inks and pearlex powders.
Chain length - 20",pendant with bail - 3 1/4"

Chain length - 20",pendant with bail - 2,5"

"African wonder" necklace. The pendant is made with PC and inks.
Chain length - 18", pendant - 5".

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Pixelated jewelry

So after practicing pixel items with my son (see previous post) I could not resist trying pixelated jewelry. Here are some items made of Hama Mini Perler Beads. I would not say they are for kids only, but also for adults who want to show they are in a great mood and cheerful state of mind!
Foxie - 2,5"
Smiley "Cool"- 1 5/8"

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Embroidered bracelet Indian Sun

And one more trial of making jewelry not related to polymer clay!!!
Embroidered bracelet approximately 7" long, 2 1/4" wide.
All three cabochons are also handmade from resin colored with Inca gold paints.
Yeah and the name is INDIAN SUN. 
I was inspired with the well known bead embroidery artist Sherry Serafini and her book "Sensational bead embroidery". I must say that every work in her book is just a masterpiece!

Tassel earrings - Fashion today

At last, something not related to polymer clay. Tassel earrings made from silk thread of a cream color. Thanks to my mom and sis I got to know that tassel earring are a pick fashion nowadays, so taking advantage of my jewelry passion they placed the order :)))
The whole length is 4,5".

Copper Galaxy

Jewelry set - COPPER GALAXY with three sets of earrings.
Length of the cord - 19", length of the pendant - 41/4 "
Mixture of different techniques including mica shift. Copper and shiny black PC. 

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Batik+resin=my favorite combination

It's really my favorite combination: inks with polymer clay and resin, which gives deep and shiny effect to all the items. I don't know how to name all these items, I just wanted to try something like this without any significant plan for them to use or sell.
So here they are jewelry sets of necklaces, earrings and broaches in Batik technique.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Fun with pixel art

Just recently got to know about fusible beads (perler), and could not resist to try them. Though it's mostly for child skills development needs (starting from 6 years old), but as long as my son is still small for this I'm doing it on his's a joke of coz!
I also saw many adults doing interesting items with such beads, including jewelry and other decorations...
To start with I made these things...and a bulldozer is a must of coz, as long as we are crazy about heavy machines!!!

Sunday, 12 June 2016

A small celebration of joy for a crafty soul

Yesterday got the parcel with tutorials from a very talented polymer clay jewelry prof Iris Mishly.
Was so excited to get some gifts from her, especially the flower stencil. I'm very eager to start working on the projects, but still trying to collect all necessary materials...which is very difficult to find here in India.

Initially I was very excited, but after opening one of CD boxes I squealed with happiness, I didn't expect to get more gifts... The most precious among all were pendants made by sweet and touching. I'm very grateful to her.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Jewelry blast

All these weeks I'm trying hard to make jewelry items from all the polymer clay beads and cabochons which I made long time ago. This time I started to experiment with micro macrame, and it excited me a lot so I'll certainly continue with it.

Jewelry set GOLDEN CURLS : necklace and bracelet 
sizes: necklace - approx 23", bracelet - 7,5"
Batik technique.
I decided to play hooligan and placed the clasp on the side (search for it ;))
The toggle on the bracelet is also a kind of a focal point of it :)

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Wedding rabbits

My first wedding rabbits, first couple: bride and groom. They will be a part of the wedding decoration for Russian young couple. Wish that day will be full of nice positive and memorable moments for them.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Chameleon jewelry

Skinner blend plus screen print techniques, united with crochet, knitting and beading work.
'Blue lagoon' necklace with earrings- total length - 26"

'Silver shade' necklace - total length -  30"

'Vinous velvet' necklace -  total length 27"

My first baby quilt

Finally after tutorial of a small mat I dared to make a quilt myself. It is just 38"x38" but how much work was done!
I also tried to make appliques. Though in general I enjoyed it a lot. And yeah it is made from scrap I got from some tailor workshop. Rainbow chevron baby quilt with elephants :)))) 

Mohair teddy bear props

A hat, shorts, a wrap and a crown. Vvvvvvvery gentle mohair set.

And now.....rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrabbits!!!

This is a usually unusual order from my sister and mom. They are crazy about these rabbits, and making me crazy making all these image for them.
This time it is hoarse riders.

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