Thursday, 21 July 2016

Catssss with sausagessss

Lovely cats with sausages. 
3" long made with kid mohair yarns.

- Вась, а не этот ли хмырь мне фингал под глаз поставил?
- Петь, я тебе уже говорил это пятно от рождения...
-.....Вась, а давай все равно ему в морду дадим, а то че он такой в белом стоит тут и лыбится....

Polymer clay with micro macrame

This time I tried a bit complicated designs for micro macrame.
These two pendants have a natural leaf print mixed with inks and pearlex powders.
Chain length - 20",pendant with bail - 3 1/4"

Chain length - 20",pendant with bail - 2,5"

"African wonder" necklace. The pendant is made with PC and inks.
Chain length - 18", pendant - 5".

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Pixelated jewelry

So after practicing pixel items with my son (see previous post) I could not resist trying pixelated jewelry. Here are some items made of Hama Mini Perler Beads. I would not say they are for kids only, but also for adults who want to show they are in a great mood and cheerful state of mind!
Foxie - 2,5"
Smiley "Cool"- 1 5/8"

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Embroidered bracelet Indian Sun

And one more trial of making jewelry not related to polymer clay!!!
Embroidered bracelet approximately 7" long, 2 1/4" wide.
All three cabochons are also handmade from resin colored with Inca gold paints.
Yeah and the name is INDIAN SUN. 
I was inspired with the well known bead embroidery artist Sherry Serafini and her book "Sensational bead embroidery". I must say that every work in her book is just a masterpiece!

Tassel earrings - Fashion today

At last, something not related to polymer clay. Tassel earrings made from silk thread of a cream color. Thanks to my mom and sis I got to know that tassel earring are a pick fashion nowadays, so taking advantage of my jewelry passion they placed the order :)))
The whole length is 4,5".

Copper Galaxy

Jewelry set - COPPER GALAXY with three sets of earrings.
Length of the cord - 19", length of the pendant - 41/4 "
Mixture of different techniques including mica shift. Copper and shiny black PC. 

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