Monday, 24 August 2015

Mohair jumpsuits

These are super cute newborn mohair sets specially made for photo session needs. The first one  is summer suit or romper with a bib in front and open back. It is made with a matching bonnet and beaded headband.
All these sets are just weightless and very gentle. They will look gorgeous in newborn sessions.

Batik Technic

This is the continuation of the project "Provide all sisters with earrings" in preparation to the Rakhi festival.
Just amazing technique I bought the tutorial from Tina Holden. Her tutorial is called "Batik and Shimmer Technique". Not only the results are fantastic but the process of making it is really enjoyable.
I would really recommend trying it.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Ink jewelry

It's my first experiment with alcohol inks.
The pendant and earrings are sealed with ink colored Fimo gel. The rest of the beads are glass.

Earrings Foxes

In preparation for Rakhi festival my husband placed an order to provide all the sisters with earrings.
Yeah... definitely sisters in our big Indian family are of different ages.
And these are for the smallest one.

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