Sunday, 1 January 2017

Christmas ornaments

 Approximately 8-11 cm long. Can be used for decorating Xmas trees and interior.

Booties for a newborn

Can't help making clothes and accessories for my sweet girl!

Christmas rabbits

Crazy Christmas rabbits will bring fortune and prosperity to your home... if not than at least positive mood :)

 Rabbit - reindeer!
 Santa rabbits!
 Rabbit - Xmas tree!
 Rabbit - snow flake and another Xmas tree rabbit!

Tall Fabric Box-Basket

This fabric basket is approximately 8" square and 10" tall. I made it specially for my daughter's toys.The tutorial is taken from here.
As usual my favorite orange color fabrics. I made some quilting in heart shape along the white stripes to make it more appealing, and at the same time practiced free motion quilting.

Animals mobile for a baby

Animal musical mobile for a baby. The toys are made from perler fusible beads. So colorful and funny. They are rotating under mechanical music and attracting baby's attention.
My daughter (5 months old) is now more interested in catching those animals while they are running away.

Late post about my stitching experience of clothes for pregnant me

Peacock fillet crochet

It's a very big fillet crochet panel with peacock. I think it took me three years if not more to finish it, of course with long long breaks in between.
Still the work is not finished, as I have no idea what to make with it. I decided to send it to mom for making nice framing for it.

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