Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Teddy bear beannie and teddy bear toy

One more set for newborn photo sessions for my beloved friend and photographer Asha Laxshmi. I really wish she succeed in this field, and I can't wait seeing photos of cute newborns with all this accessories.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Lunch bags 2

Finally I could publish the rest of my lunch bags!

This is my favorite with a slice of cheese! In terms of sizes and fabrics:
 15 cm X 26 cm (up to the bend line, total 33,5 cm) X 8,5 cm
jeans, cotton.

Key chains from polymer clay Tea-Coffee

In continuation of tasty staff from PC.
Tea-coffee and many other delicious things. Those who are on diet are not allowed to read this post :)))

Thursday, 6 November 2014


One more photo by photographer Asha Lakshmi with new born photo session accessories made by me long time ago. A sleeping snow white bunny :)

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cheese Key chain for my husband

It was a birthday of my husband yesterday. And he is a cheese lover. So I decided to make such a funny key chain for him. Seems he liked it!

Jewelry set from PC - Lady Chic

This set turned out to be the most complicated for me: starting from the pattern made in kaleidoscope technic, than baking, polishing etc etc and finishing with final assembling.
The set of three items: necklace, bracelet and earrings.

Jewelry set from PC - Heart of stripes

This is an amusing set...sprang on its own without any careful planning and preparation.

Jewelry set from PC - Rainbow fruits

After the Orange delight set I had a fountain of ideas... So this is another delightful set. It reminds me of Russian summer...which is anyways all year round here in India.

Jewelry set from PC - Orange delight

I'm very fond of orange color, so decided to make such a sunny set . Moreover this is my first order for jewelry made from polymer clay. I'm very sorry that being an economics graduate I'm not a specialist in jewelry design :), but I hope I'll find some suitable courses soon.
This set is for a nice woman with a beautiful name Pranjali. I hope she will feel happy wearing this Orange delight set.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Lunch bags 1

Yes, Lunch bags and this is the first post.
Initially I decided to make one for my husband who is caring his lunch box in a shabby plastic bag. But while browsing in the Internet I found so many nice ideas that decided to try multiple options. This one which I am presenting here is the one chosen by my husband others are ready but waiting for adding a final touch.

Pencil case

I just found this tutorial while browsing for something else. And suddenly it clicked that that's what I really need for myself. As when attending my dancing classes I always have problems finding a pen or a pencil in my bag. That it's become so frustrating, not to mention about funding an eraser among all the books and copybooks and all the stuff inside.

And of course I could not resist attaching a cake pendant.

Bracelet and a key chain from polymer clay

I am continuing my experiments with assembling some items from all the cakes and fruit canes I prepared before. 
I'm very sorry for the picture because I finished them late in the night and the next day morning my parents in law left and took them for gifts and sale for their relatives. So there was no possibility to take a proper picture.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Felted Bag

Here is the outcome of the felting tutorial which I attended during my stay in Nizhniy Novgorod in Russia. 
Though the word "tutorial" sounds very officially. I was felting at the cozy kitchen at home of  a very friendly lady Tatyana Nesterenko, whose felting articles I really admire, and of course I had been waiting and planning my visit to her place far ahead  with intention to learn how to felt bags.
Here is her shop with really remarkable and amazing bags, purses and other cute articles.

It took almost all day to felt this small purse, of course with lunch and tea-coffee brakes. We started around 9 a.m. and finished at 7 p.m. 
Here are the pictures made by Tatyana's husband capturing the process of felting and drawing with wool. It's very interesting activity but also tiring because it requires good amount of strength and stamina to felt the wool.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

New portion of cakes and something more

I could not resist to make some more charming cakes. And already tried to use them in creating some items and even jewelry.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Cakes and other yummies from polymer clay

Don't fell like writing more about this post. The pictures are saying everything!
I'll just add, that ideas and tutorials I've taken from AnnaOriona.

Rabbit with tulips

Hi everybody! Here is my new rabbit Stepan.
He is a laborious gardener welcoming everybody with a basket full of tulips, which he has so carefully grown himself.
Sizes and materials: Fleece, velvet, plush. 27cm tall.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Diaper bag

As you might have understood already from the pictures, I've also become keen on sewing bags :)Here is my first bag - a diaper bag or mom's bag. Anyways we are going to travel a lot this year, so I need a big spacious bag for organizing all necessary things for my kid.I found a very nice tutorial hereThe bag is approximately 14" x 14" x 6".

Saturday, 14 June 2014


One may think that I am crazy about the rabbits, making them in different styles and sizes, knitting, stitching. Well, I'm not. I just found the rabbit toys look more funny. 
So here is a big rainbow  family of small rabbits - 12 cm height. They are not only colorful but also with some nice accessories made of polymer clay: candies, orange buttons and Christmas trees.

My experience with baking polymer clay

Hi everybody who is visiting my blog and reading this post. 
Today I want to share my experience with backing the polymer clay.

As it usually happens to me, I got suddenly interested in PC (Polymer clay) and feverishly started searching where I can buy it along with all the necessary instruments here in India . After many days of browsing in the Internet I was so surprised to find that there is a shop just in the same area where I live.
First of all I wanted to try with something easy. So I made spiral twisted candies and small flower buttons using FIMO soft PC. I was so naive thinking that everything will be fine just in one go.
The instruction says the baking temperature is 110 C, but not more than 130 C, and time is 30 min. The thickness of the items was around 2-3 mm.
I have LG microwave with convection mode which I was going to use. I preheated the oven up to 110 C, and after it bipped ready, I put the items to bake for 30 min. I don't have a special oven thermometer to check the correctness of the temperature inside, so I totally relied on my oven.
After everything was ready and cooled down I started checking the items, and unfortunately, they were as fragile as biscuits.  It means that the temperature of baking was low.
I was completely upset entire day, but decided not to give up and dedicated the following day to experimenting with different temperatures and times for baking the clay.

Before starting my experiments I made orange canes with beads and buttons. The thickness varied from 5-10 mm. However, this time I used different types of PC: FIMO soft (baking temperature 110 C, but not more than 130 C) and PREMO (baking temperature 130 C).

And for baking tray I took absolutely useless tray for pies. God knows what kind of metal it is made of and what it is coated with, but not Teflon that's for sure, and it has removable bottom. This tray was absolutely useless for baking any pies, because the lower part of pies were always raw and severely stack to the bottom. I put a sheet of paper and covered the tray with foil. 

So I was experimenting with  flower buttons made only from FIMO soft with thickness 2 mm and a roll - mixture of FIMO soft and PREMO - thickness around 5 mm.
Here are the results of my experiments:
  1. Temperature 120 C, 30 min - FIMO soft was fragile;
  2. Temperature 130 C, 30 min - FIMO soft was still breaking with slight difficulties, mixture of FIMO soft+Premo broke with huge difficulties;
  3. Temperature 130 C, 60 min - the result was the same as in the previous experiment;
  4. Temperature 140 C, 30 min - this time I decided to take some risk and extent the temperature limits. Luckily there was no burning or smoke. I tied to break the button and the roll, though without applying huge force, but nothing broke!
So whatever I prepared before starting the experiments (orange canes) was finally baked at 140 C for 30 min.
Here is the result.

To resume, my microwave oven seems sustain the temperature less than the set one, or it may loose the heat during the baking and over some time trying to pick up the temperature. Somehow it is not maintaining the set temperature during the backing process. 

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Results of the contest HUNTING THE RABBIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally the contest is over. And there were only three participants, three girls: Arayana Jain, Shweta and Shreya Patki.
So the first prize is for the story about the rabbit which was assembled at different parts of the world. The story written by Shreya. Here is her story and her rabbit packed in a nice handmade bag.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Black and white rabbit Ballerina

Our Marusya is a ballet dancer. She has just started her dancing classes, but her intentions are to become a  world famous prima ballerina in the future. So she is wearing her outfit very proudly and doesn't forget about matching-matching accessories :))))

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Rainbow purses

Today I'm with small purses designed by Vendulka Maderska
Just a nice gift for pretty girls, whose moms like to pamper them with cute dresses and multiple accessories to match.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Rabbit - bisnessman

Or businesslike rabbit. He is very busy at his office. Though he is not yet a big boss. He is with a very simple personality, very kind and open-minded. Every day he is hurrying to home, probably missing his dear rabbit wife so much that always preparing a small gift for her. May be because he likes to see the sight of amazement on her face.

Made of fleece - 25 cm height.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Rabbit in pink

Here is the lady rabbit in pink. Her name is Alice. She spends half of the day choosing dresses and matching accessories. Never the less she is very serious girl and don't allow anyone to make jokes about her look.

Made of fleece. Height - 25 cm.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Hunting the rabbit GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!

Hello dear visitor!
I want to present you an absolutely new project of mine the designer toy. As you have noticed, this is a rabbit made in a vintage style with Russian touch :) 
The guy is 25 cm tall made of fleece, he is in a hand knitted sweater and scarf, and a light cotton hoodie sleeveless jacket.
You have a chance to get it absolutely free, provided you follow two simple conditions.
  1. Write a short interesting story about the rabbit. Ultimately, this guy should have a name, temper, his outlook on life, principles and hobbies :)
  2. The recipient should live in India. 
English language is more preferable, but stories in Russian, Hindi and Gujarati are also accepted. The offer is valid till 30th April
Send your story to my e-mail dryulis@gmail.com
The one who writes the most interesting story will get this rabbit.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Bead purse

Another long project is finish.
I would not say it's finished successfully, because still there are quite some drawbacks which I'll take into account next time I make such item.
The purse is circularly crocheted with beads. The design of the sides I made myself (the charts are on my previous posts about this bead purse).
Sizes: 13 cm diameter.

One of the drawback, except for the Indian beads which are not properly calibrated, is that I made too many even rows at the end (without increase). Due to it the edgings started rolling inside dramatically. I thought that it will be solved once I stitch two halves together, but it didn't. Moreover, it leads to deformation of the round shape at the open top of the purse. So I needed to insert some hard wires for keeping the shape. And due to this drawback the purse looks bulky.

Never the less it comes out nice provided that it was my first trial in crochet with beads. I become very fond of the technics so definitely try more.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Teddy bear

One more pending project is finished. It's a teddy bear from French magazine Phildar. It's all knitted. It can sit and stand, and sleep beside the kid, very kind creature. 
Standing height is 42 cm, in sitting 32 cm.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Skills developing cube for kids 18m+

Phooey! I can't believe I've finished it. Developing cube is an analogue of a Quite book. Why "Quite" I don't know, may be because it keeps the kid busy and quite for a long time. I could not check it on my boy, because he is still too small for it, though whenever he sees it, he is overjoys and it's very difficult to take it from him. Thus for the fear of vandalism I'm still keeping it away from him.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

One more cocoon for a newborn

Just one small gift for a newborn. This cocoon was very helpful for me when Mahardhi was small, so I decided to make the same for one relative who has recently deviled a baby girl.

Just having fun pictures :))))))

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Pom pom mat

Well, after a long period of silence, here I am with a pom pom mat. Actually I started it long time ago, and it was lying in a pile of colorful pompoms waiting for its time to be finished.
What a hard work it is to make a pom pom mat!!!!!!! 
Initially I started to make it in order to finish a significant amount of thick yarn which was left after that big project with newborn photo props, but it was used very quickly and I needed to buy it again and again.
The irony is that after finishing this mat I am again left with some amount of this yarn....so now I need to be careful not to start any big projects with it!

I'm so glad to see how Maharddhi is enjoying. Mostly he plays hooligan on it falling, rolling, pretending as if he is sleeping, and clenching fluffy colorful pom poms.

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