Sunday, 9 November 2014

Lunch bags 2

Finally I could publish the rest of my lunch bags!

This is my favorite with a slice of cheese! In terms of sizes and fabrics:
 15 cm X 26 cm (up to the bend line, total 33,5 cm) X 8,5 cm
jeans, cotton.

Yeah and of course a key chain from my previous blog...very matching :)

A quilted bag with big green dots! And of course a key chain with dough nut and macaroons!

19 cm X 17,5 cm X 13 cm

This one is the most complicated of all because it has a pouch for drinking water bottle on the back.

17,5 cm X 27 cm X 9 cm

My quilting trials :)

Another one with zipper, though plain but looks delicate.
20,5 cm X 29 cm X 8 cm
cotton, jeans

Aaaaaaand the final ooooooone... colorful bag with funny frogs!

21 cm X 28 cm X 8,5 cm
cotton, fleece

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