Monday, 24 August 2015

Mohair jumpsuits

These are super cute newborn mohair sets specially made for photo session needs. The first one  is summer suit or romper with a bib in front and open back. It is made with a matching bonnet and beaded headband.
All these sets are just weightless and very gentle. They will look gorgeous in newborn sessions.

Batik Technic

This is the continuation of the project "Provide all sisters with earrings" in preparation to the Rakhi festival.
Just amazing technique I bought the tutorial from Tina Holden. Her tutorial is called "Batik and Shimmer Technique". Not only the results are fantastic but the process of making it is really enjoyable.
I would really recommend trying it.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Ink jewelry

It's my first experiment with alcohol inks.
The pendant and earrings are sealed with ink colored Fimo gel. The rest of the beads are glass.

Earrings Foxes

In preparation for Rakhi festival my husband placed an order to provide all the sisters with earrings.
Yeah... definitely sisters in our big Indian family are of different ages.
And these are for the smallest one.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Polymer jeans

I guess you can imitate everything with polymer clay. This time I tried with jeans imitation. I just loved this technic. It is just amazing how true the texture look like!

Mummy's necklace

One more naval necklace, this time made on order for mummy and her little daughter. The challenge was that the girl was not so small to learn the objects by grabbing and chewing them. She was too grown for such things, but she loves to play with her mummy's jewelry and accessories while travelling in the car. Seems it calms her down and she is peacefully falling asleep. Yeah and the most important thing  was that mom liked this naval topic.

As long as I'm not very keen on repeating items I've done before I made significant changes. 

Monday, 29 June 2015

Another peacock set

And taking the advantage of my quilt colors I shoot another recently made set from peacock feather cane. Though now it is in a form of Natasha beads.

First quilt

My weekends were very fruitful. I was on a workshop held by Tina Katwal who came from Chennai to Bangalore for two days. The topic of the first day was Quilting for beginners. I'd been planning to make a quilt for a long long time, but could not do it on my own. Thanks to Tina I made my dream real :))) I  made my first proper quilt!!!!  
There was a lot of info absolutely new for me. I could never imagine that blocks are initially made from strips etc etc.
So now I'm not frightened of quilting any more and can move on further and make my own crazy projects! 

Friday, 5 June 2015


The idea of rabbits vets came from my mother and sister. My rabbits there are the most popular gifts. People love them a lot. Every time I'm sending the parcel to Russia I'm putting these rabbits because it happens that every time somebody there has asked for a rabbit.
This time they asked me to make three rabbits vets. My sister wanted them for her colleagues at vet hospital.

"Dear colleagues! Today we are making a surgery to an ELEPHANT! Any suggestions?" 

Thursday, 4 June 2015

My first kurta salwar

My first kurta and salwar suit. Traditional Indian clothes.

Neck designed with butterflies.

Myfirst gent's kurta for my husband

I'm attending some stitching and designing courses for a few months already. But only now I'm showing some clothes which I'm really really proud of that I made it.

It's always pleasant to get feedbacks

  • I think that by the amount of exclamation marks it's easy to understand that the client is completely satisfied if not more...provided it contained some unexpectable gifts.
  • Asha Nadezda

    Юляяяяяя! Получила посылку!!!! Я ТЕБЯ ЛЮБЛЮ, дорогая! Все очень-очень понравилось! Кришны оба прям абалденные! А дудки! Все-все абалденное! Спасибо за подарки! Прям за душу тронуло, лав леттер буду хранить! Классная идея с цветочками на булавке! Очень смарт! Наборы мохеровые! Абалдеть! Ювелирная работа!
    У меня прям Новый Год тут!
  • Yeah I'm a old customer for Pony craft store...always preserve their packing...

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Krishna set for newborns

These Krishna sets turned out to be the culmination of my big order from Velvet images.
The order was made unexpectedly just when I though that I've done with the order completely.

The set includes:

Flute (bansi)
Crown (mukut)
Forearm bracelets - 2 pcs

Krishna set - 6 months and older

These Krishna sets turned out to be the culmination of my big order from Velvet images.
The order was made unexpectedly just when I though that I've done with the order completely.

The set includes:

Flute (bansi)
Crown (mukut)
Plain bracelets - 4 pcs
Forearm bracelets - 2 pcs

Different different rugs

Rugs or layering depends how it is going to be used :) 
Whenever  more or less long piece of yarn was left I was making headbands with my buttons from polymer clay

Crowns + jute

Just to continue with photo props...
Boy's crown
And some variations of crowns made from jute

Friday, 29 May 2015

Ruffle skirt and headband

I took this idea from Etsy. There they have many such ruffled sets. Working with this yarn for ruffles was great fun!
And again my favorite orange color.

Flower broaches

Some of these broaches with the buttons made from polymer clay...of course made by me :p

Orange pixie hat with bunch of flowers

One hat with different varieties of broaches. First decided to make only one flower. But then burst out with many ideas. So I was very eager to try making them all. 

Aviator hat

There are many such hats in the Internet with a great variety of googles. So this is my version.
The pattern of the aircraft I found here

Funny pompom hat

It was a big challenge to make this hat. The matter is that it was made from one yarn only. What I've done was that I split multy orange color string from the grey one separately and then knitted the hat. Why did I do that? The reason was that I could not find any yarn which could go with this one. This yarn was too thick, so no mater how many times I folded any other yarns the effect was pathetic. 
So that's why I made such a complicated operation over my yarn in order to make the hat. 
Anyways the result came out it worth it!

Just plain beanies

Some more beanies of different types for Velvet images

Another mohair props

In addition to the previous one there is another mohair set a colorful pixie hat and a wrap.
Again made for Velvet images

Again mohair set

Finally a big order is completed. Again some props for newbies for my freind photographer Asha and her Velvet images studio. As usual waiting to see her photos with the new props!

And here are a pixie hat, fingerless gloves, leg warmers, barefoot sandals and a beaded hairband.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Panda hat

A hat for an expecting mother. I liked this color combination, simple yet always effective. And I like this cute and lazy bear Panda.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Jelly fish for early skills development

I designed this toy for small babies to develop fine motor skills and color perception. Nice soft colorful toy with different beads and other items of different textures and shapes to explore for cutie naughty fingers.

Some of the beads (specially on the cap) are hand made from fluorescent clay. So in the night it gives  a nice glowing effect.

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Summer hats

Just recently finished summer hats for a little girl, whose mom's chosen the patterns of the hats herself. 

My newborn photo props moved to Dubai!

Yeah... my friend photographer Asha has moved to Dubai. What's amazing is that before she and her husband could settle there more or less properly, she had already started her photo sessions! Seems Dubai was waiting for her. Now she is back to her work, and starts making remarkable photos of sweet newbies!

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