Sunday, 30 March 2014

Rabbit - bisnessman

Or businesslike rabbit. He is very busy at his office. Though he is not yet a big boss. He is with a very simple personality, very kind and open-minded. Every day he is hurrying to home, probably missing his dear rabbit wife so much that always preparing a small gift for her. May be because he likes to see the sight of amazement on her face.

Made of fleece - 25 cm height.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Rabbit in pink

Here is the lady rabbit in pink. Her name is Alice. She spends half of the day choosing dresses and matching accessories. Never the less she is very serious girl and don't allow anyone to make jokes about her look.

Made of fleece. Height - 25 cm.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Hunting the rabbit GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!

Hello dear visitor!
I want to present you an absolutely new project of mine the designer toy. As you have noticed, this is a rabbit made in a vintage style with Russian touch :) 
The guy is 25 cm tall made of fleece, he is in a hand knitted sweater and scarf, and a light cotton hoodie sleeveless jacket.
You have a chance to get it absolutely free, provided you follow two simple conditions.
  1. Write a short interesting story about the rabbit. Ultimately, this guy should have a name, temper, his outlook on life, principles and hobbies :)
  2. The recipient should live in India. 
English language is more preferable, but stories in Russian, Hindi and Gujarati are also accepted. The offer is valid till 30th April
Send your story to my e-mail
The one who writes the most interesting story will get this rabbit.

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