Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Newborn photo session pictures

Finally some newborn photo props which I made have started working. I'm very happy to see these pictures, and especially the one with the Giraffe set. 
I really appreciate the photographer's skills, she makes it great the colors and the composition itself, handling with this sweet sleeping munchkin. 
If you are interested to see more of her work here is her site http://www.russianvisionstudio.com/

Woolen vest and a hat for the boy

Well, just thought of knitting a vest for my son, because we will be travelling quite much at the end of the year. As long as it's not very cold at the places we are gong to, I decided to make a vest instead of pullover. It will be quite handy for travelling in the train or bus with air conditioning, he will not feel too hot, but it will keep him warm enough, coz it's woolen. It's been made according to DROPS design.

And here is the hat. The instruction was also taken from DROPS design site.

And this is a picture with my first sleeping sack I made when I was pregnant. We could not use it as it was not cold...so decided to make a picture while it's more or less fitting to him. 

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