Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Lunch tote for my husband

One more lunch tote after a long period of time. I've fallen in love with that polar bear design. The pattern is again from my beloved sew4home, and the tutorial is here
My husband liked it a lot. It's just perfect for his lunch box, has a small pocket in front, and closing on a Velcro.
The bag finishes at approximately 11" tall (excluding the handles) x 7" wide x 3" deep. The handle loops extend an additional 9" beyond the top edge.

Backpack with Crossover Pockets

My son (5 year old) has recently started key board musical classes, and instead of irritating alwaysmakingnoise plastic bag for books that he had to drag to musical school every time, I decided to make this comfortable backpack. The pattern is taken from my favorite site sew4home. Click here for the tutorial.
The sizes - 15.5" X 12.5"

Polymer clay jewelry in extruder technic with micro macrame - necklace "Maharani's magic mirror"

The last piece of jewelry in Extruder + micromacrame technic. It turned out not that easy, I had to change the design multiple times till I became satisfied with it.
The internal length of the necklace till the strings 10.5" (27 cm). The length is adjustable.
The length of the central part is 4" (10 cm).
Press for more pics.....

Polymer clay jewelry in extruder technic with micro macrame - necklace & earrings "Hidden diamonds"

The third set of jewelry from polymer clay in extruder technic necklace with earrings "Hidden diamonds". Despite the wire collar is quite short the jewelry look very long due to the fringes.
This set turned to be more experimental, that's why the design is unusual.
Wire collar length - 20" (50 cm),
width of the design - 4 5/8" (12 cm), length with fringes - 8" (20 cm),
length of the earrings - 5.5" (14 cm). 

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Polymer clay jewelry with extruder technic - necklace and bracelet with micro macrame "Glorious weave"

The second piece of a jewelry in extruder technic, but this time with micro macrame. 
I decided to break all the traditional look of a necklace, making the wings on both sides of the pendant weaving from inside out.
The length of a necklace without the pendant - 22" (56cm), 
length of the pendant - 23/8" (6 cm),
length of a bracelet - 8" (20 cm).

And some more photos...

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