Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Christmas bear

My crazy Christmas experiments are not limited by rabbits. This time I introduced the new member to my funny rabbits family - a tubby bear (12 cm) !
As long as he is new to the family he is very very shy.

Rabbits and Christmas ornaments

And the last pair of Christmas rabbits. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrabits with Christmas balls (felted of course). One with hoodie sweater and another with a nice carrot broach on the chest, both are in winter felted boots. Positive, cheerful, filled with soul and love.

Christmas rabbits with snowmen

A few more rabbits of Christmas theme. Rabbits (14-15 cm) with felted snowmen (6-7 cm). I must say that felting wool is the most appropriate material for crafting  Christmas, New Year or any winter projects. 
Though I don't like this word much, but these snowmen came out very very CUTE.

Saturday, 30 December 2017

Christmas rabbits with X-mas trees

The second group of rabbits arrived just on New Year's Eve. This time not only they are funny, but they've also found funny x-mas trees.
The winter boots and trees are made of hand felted wool. The rabbits are 15 cm high.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Puzzle ball

Puzzle ball. Quite big one 9" for a small baby girl. I really enjoyed doing it. You can undo it in tree separate circles and then assemble together again.
In fact it has many names: Amish ball, Takane ball, Montessori ball etc.

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