Sunday, 19 August 2012

Skeletized leaves

This is my first experience in skeletization of leaves, due to this it may not look perfect. I used the leaves of the Sacred Fig tree or it is also known as Bo-Tree.  I have applied a number of different methods to do it, and spent quite a few months, but still could not rub off all the flash of the leaves properly. I was boiling them with washing soda for 2 hours, I tried to microwave them with soda and hard brew of green tea, and finally I just kept them outside soaked in that liquid. To my mind, there was one fact I had not taken into account I should have used fallen ugly looking leaves, but instead I was selecting the most good looking and fresh ones.

Happy Birthday Doily

Again my beloved doily, and again it's from my beloved Patricia Kristoffersen collection, made for my honoured kathak teacher as a birthday gift, that's why I added this hand made tag :))

Friday, 17 August 2012

Sleeping sack for a newborn

Here I am with a new article - a sleeping sack for a newborn. It turned out to be very sunny due to yellow color, and, as usual, I added something of my own to the description in the knitting magazine - the embroidery of a sleeping teddy bear :) Though it's not completely finished, still lining is not done, but I can't wait to boast!

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