Saturday, 25 January 2014

Bead purse

Another long project is finish.
I would not say it's finished successfully, because still there are quite some drawbacks which I'll take into account next time I make such item.
The purse is circularly crocheted with beads. The design of the sides I made myself (the charts are on my previous posts about this bead purse).
Sizes: 13 cm diameter.

One of the drawback, except for the Indian beads which are not properly calibrated, is that I made too many even rows at the end (without increase). Due to it the edgings started rolling inside dramatically. I thought that it will be solved once I stitch two halves together, but it didn't. Moreover, it leads to deformation of the round shape at the open top of the purse. So I needed to insert some hard wires for keeping the shape. And due to this drawback the purse looks bulky.

Never the less it comes out nice provided that it was my first trial in crochet with beads. I become very fond of the technics so definitely try more.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Teddy bear

One more pending project is finished. It's a teddy bear from French magazine Phildar. It's all knitted. It can sit and stand, and sleep beside the kid, very kind creature. 
Standing height is 42 cm, in sitting 32 cm.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Skills developing cube for kids 18m+

Phooey! I can't believe I've finished it. Developing cube is an analogue of a Quite book. Why "Quite" I don't know, may be because it keeps the kid busy and quite for a long time. I could not check it on my boy, because he is still too small for it, though whenever he sees it, he is overjoys and it's very difficult to take it from him. Thus for the fear of vandalism I'm still keeping it away from him.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

One more cocoon for a newborn

Just one small gift for a newborn. This cocoon was very helpful for me when Mahardhi was small, so I decided to make the same for one relative who has recently deviled a baby girl.

Just having fun pictures :))))))

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Pom pom mat

Well, after a long period of silence, here I am with a pom pom mat. Actually I started it long time ago, and it was lying in a pile of colorful pompoms waiting for its time to be finished.
What a hard work it is to make a pom pom mat!!!!!!! 
Initially I started to make it in order to finish a significant amount of thick yarn which was left after that big project with newborn photo props, but it was used very quickly and I needed to buy it again and again.
The irony is that after finishing this mat I am again left with some amount of this now I need to be careful not to start any big projects with it!

I'm so glad to see how Maharddhi is enjoying. Mostly he plays hooligan on it falling, rolling, pretending as if he is sleeping, and clenching fluffy colorful pom poms.

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