Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Pom pom mat

Well, after a long period of silence, here I am with a pom pom mat. Actually I started it long time ago, and it was lying in a pile of colorful pompoms waiting for its time to be finished.
What a hard work it is to make a pom pom mat!!!!!!! 
Initially I started to make it in order to finish a significant amount of thick yarn which was left after that big project with newborn photo props, but it was used very quickly and I needed to buy it again and again.
The irony is that after finishing this mat I am again left with some amount of this now I need to be careful not to start any big projects with it!

I'm so glad to see how Maharddhi is enjoying. Mostly he plays hooligan on it falling, rolling, pretending as if he is sleeping, and clenching fluffy colorful pom poms.

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