Friday, 17 January 2014

Skills developing cube for kids 18m+

Phooey! I can't believe I've finished it. Developing cube is an analogue of a Quite book. Why "Quite" I don't know, may be because it keeps the kid busy and quite for a long time. I could not check it on my boy, because he is still too small for it, though whenever he sees it, he is overjoys and it's very difficult to take it from him. Thus for the fear of vandalism I'm still keeping it away from him.

So there are six sides with different tasks and games to develop different skills. First and foremost, it is useful for tactile sensation and motility because there are so many interesting things to touch and move, and it also develops memory as there are some games to remember and differentiate.

The size of the cube is 20X20 cm
And it's made using different technics and materials. Most of the appliques and other particles are hand stitched and crocheted.
I like combining different technics, that's what I tried to embodied in the cube.

Side one. Flower.

The flower has five colorful petals, and under each petal there is a creature of the same color as the petal. Some may not be similar, that is only because I don't have exactly matching materials. And they are made from felt material. The frog has moving google eyes, so it can keep an eye on the dragon fly.
All background sheets are crocheted. Petals are crocheted too.
Inside the flower lives a small funny bee which is rattling. 
There are  plastic bags inside the green ground for rustling effects.
The stem of the flower is not completely attached to the ground so that the kid could hold and pull it.
The leaf is opening by pulling the string with a green bead, and closing by pulling the other end of the string with a spider on it. Inside the leaf lives a worm Fedya. The kid should learn how to push it through the holes.

Side two. Rainbow.

The kid is learning names of colors. All ladybugs are attached to the rainbow with press buttons.
Textile buttons at the bottom also attaching with press buttons. So the ladybugs can be attached either on the rainbow or at the bottom at their home. When the buttons are closed you can guess the home of each bug by the color of the top design or the color of the ribbon. There is a  pocket where the kid can put the sun or a cloud.
The sun is attaching with Velcro and the cloud is hanging on the hook. The cloud can be really nasty and rainy :)

Side three. Labyrinth + I-spy bag.

Here everything is clear. There is a big bead which should be moved through all the layers and decorated passages to reach final destination - the bottom of the sea :). There are sequins and beads in each layer for better effect.
And the I-spy bag filled with white beads and different items which are depicted on the picture. The kid should find any item by squeezing and shaking the bag. I must say it's a great massager for fingers.

A closer look on the I-spy bag.

Side four. Counting.

Here are a moving plane and a car. And the lower part is for counting from 1 to 10. All figures attaching with Velcro.

Side five. Doors and locks.

Here the kid is dealing with different types of locks so to say. First with buckle, then the door with buttons, but before opening the door the flower should also be unbuttoned. Then comes the door with shoe laces, and finally a pocket with zipper where adults can put something interesting (candy or a small toy) to motivate the kid doing all these tasks.

Side six. Garden.

Here the kid learns names of fruits and vegetables, and also learns to differentiate them. There is a big pocket to put the crops :)

One more picture of the cube.

The end. 
Thank you for your attention :) and good luck. Hope it was interesting and inspiring for you!

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