Saturday, 18 February 2012

My mom's crafts

My mother despite her workload always wanted to try icon embroidery. Her first experience was with this icon of Mother Mary, the kit for which I gifted to her on one of the Christmas day.

Beaded flowers

This is dandelion...What more I can add :))))

Unknown craft

I have no idea where from I got inspired for this. I just took a hard sheet of paper and a kit with colorful plasticine. By the way it's my portrait.

Embroidered peacock

This is my first big embroidery which I brought from the first trip to India.

Easter eggs

This is the old tradition to decorate eggs for the Easter. This is one of the ways to do it...

Embroidery (pansies)

Another example of my embroidery of long and short stitch technique .

Blue blackwork embroidery

Ribbon embroidery

Garland of ribbon flowers. My first trial.

Bordgello or Florentine embroidery

This pin-holder I tried in borgello technique with some additional design.

Beaded bracelet

This is a bracelet beaded with crochet. The base is plain metal bracelet bought in one of the jewelry stall.


Pansy biscornu. Can be used as a decoration or a pin-holder, or a decorative pin-holder :))))))

Beaded necklace

Elegant necklace with beaded beads

Chair cover

This is a beloved mat of our cat


Rose is crocheted with multicolored thread.

Crochet bags

Two crochet bags. One is with elegant broach another is two-sided

Mobile phone covers

The right one is a winter style :)))))

Bottle cover

It makes your water bottle more portable.On every gathering of the big Indian family people get jealous of my bottle cover.


Embroidered pendant

Pendant made with a miniature embroidery on velvet, decorated with golden cord and pearls. 

Vintage beaded purse

God only knows how old is this purse. One  acquaintance  of mine....rather my teacher whom I kindly call Bead Lady  gave it to me .....

Monday, 13 February 2012

My crochet sleepers

 Different different sleepers!!!!

Crochet edgings

These borders are made specially for my mother-in-lower's temple. 

Oven glove

I was trying to make some flame like flower. The border is crocheted.

Felted cat

This cat I felted for my husband, for his car to be more precise. I wanted to make it with a steering wheel, but being captured by its warm embrace I decided to leave it like that only.

Felted blue bear

Nice felted bear holding flowers made with crochet.

Christmas angel 4

And one more newcomer in the family of Christmas angels with a nice rose bouquet and ribbon roses on the skirt. This curly hair makes its look very cute.

Christmas angel 3

This flat angel is crocheted in my beloved pineapple design. After finishing this article my mom immediately grab it from me to hang on the wall in her office. It also can be made as a picture in a plain matching frame.

Christmas angel 2

This angel took more effort to crochet, block and create a final look. It's compiled from different particles  and decorated with ribbon rose and pearls.

Christmas angels 1

These creations are my first trials. It's crocheted solely from the head to the skirt. They are decorated with some beads and bells (under the skirt)

My early works

These two doilies with ribbons are made following the charts from very old Russian crochet magazines dated 19th century.

This sunflower doily is of a quite simple design, but the idea and mixture of colors make it very pretty.

Pineapple design

I like pineapple design, and decided to make this doily from Japanese magazine as a gift for my sister-in-low

Gorgeous doily (Momentous occasions)

This doily is from the ample collection of gorgeous doilies by famous Patricia KristoffersenIt's vintage style provided by interesting relief patterns.

I'm planing to continue with doilies of Patricia Kristoffersen. Hope to publish new doilies as soon as possible.
Here are more examples of them

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