Saturday, 30 May 2015

Different different rugs

Rugs or layering depends how it is going to be used :) 
Whenever  more or less long piece of yarn was left I was making headbands with my buttons from polymer clay

That is that very yarn from which I made that pom pom hat
45 cm x 45 cm

My favorite button with imitation of knitting.

New born wrap. One can create a kind of cocoon wrapping the baby multiple times from different sides.
30 cm x 100 cm

Layering blanket. Imitation of green grass
19" x 10"

Rolling Layer/Basket stuffer/Fuzzy cocoon. The idea is that you put it in the flat basket rolling over some long toy or rolled towel to create even cushion edges. A kind of a nest I would say.
Circumference 1 m; length - 14"

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