Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Pixelated jewelry

So after practicing pixel items with my son (see previous post) I could not resist trying pixelated jewelry. Here are some items made of Hama Mini Perler Beads. I would not say they are for kids only, but also for adults who want to show they are in a great mood and cheerful state of mind!
Foxie - 2,5"
Smiley "Cool"- 1 5/8"

 Hair clips "Candies" - 2,5" wide.
Pixel sets: hexagon earrings, bracelets.
earrings - the whole length 2,5"
bracelets - 5 1/4" plus 3" chain.

Earrings "Weather forecast".
Snow flakes - 1";
Rainy season umbrellas - 2" whole length.

 Key chains with initials - 1 3/4"

Floppy disc magnet - 7/8".
Other varieties of color instead of blue are possible.

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