Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Fun with pixel art

Just recently got to know about fusible beads (perler), and could not resist to try them. Though it's mostly for child skills development needs (starting from 6 years old), but as long as my son is still small for this I'm doing it on his behalf...it's a joke of coz!
I also saw many adults doing interesting items with such beads, including jewelry and other decorations...
To start with I made these things...and a bulldozer is a must of coz, as long as we are crazy about heavy machines!!!

 Then I came up with the idea of making "Under the sea" miniature.
My son of coz monitored and helped at each and every step...and also participated in sticking all these fish, flowers and stones.

And here is the final result. We called it "Commotion in the ocean" after the title of the book on the picture.

And the bulldozer became a freeze magnet, though most of the time it's somewhere else.
 Guess why...

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