Monday, 10 September 2012

Newborn photo session accessories 1

Here is the first outcome of my experience in making accessories for newborn photo sessions. This exciting order has come from one Russian girl a professional photographer. I got entirely interested in her offer as it is something new and absolutely unknown field in photography for me...It seems that popularity of such photos is growing nowadays. 
This is the set of a baby blanket, a hat and a head band. And absolutely unexpectedly at the end of this work one idea clicked in my mind to crochet a ladybug which was completely matching the whole theme of the set.
I used quite thick woolen bright green color yarn and needles #5 (for the hat), #6 and crochet hook #4 (for the blanket and band). The baby blanket is 40x40cm knitted with a Cartridge Belt Rib Stitch pattern. Here I found a nice explanation how to knit this pattern.
Though the inspiration has come from Purl Bee craft blog and it's project named Forever baby blanket.

The hat (38cm) though simple but looking so delicious is known as Green leaf baby hat by Evelyn Uyemura. I've simply fallen in love with this hat. However, during the work I came across one dilemma. I do not have a set of double pointed needles of that size for circular knitting, but I heard something about magic loop, which actually helped me to solve my problem, though I used just simple circular needles. Here is one more tutorial upon that method.
And just one more link about how to make an invisible increase which was quite helpfull to make that nice leaf on the top of the hat.

And a head band (35cm) assembled from knitted i-cord and a crochet flower.
And finally the description of a small funny lady bug was taken from this site LilikSha.


  1. ОООООО!Какая прелесть!мне всё нравится и шапочка и пледик и цветочек и божья коровка!!!Молодец! Юляшка!

  2. Спасибо, спасибо!

  3. Комплект получился замечательный, а божья коровка - изюминка в нем! Вы - молодец, Юля! Будем дружить!

  4. Спасибо! Очень приятно, когда твои работы кому-то нравятся. А особенно приятно получать отзывы.


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