Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Newborn photo session accessories 2

One more set is ready. To my mind it's also come out very cute. This time the base color of the set is light yellow - one more neutral color suiting both girls and boys. 

A baby blanket (50X50 cm) made in garter stitch design but with diagonal ridges taken from this site.
Newborn hat is knitted in a classical Pixie Bonnet style with long tails which can be turned into braids or left loose like that.

And one more article - a nice head band with a ribbon rose. The idea of the pattern I took from the book of very popular knitting and crochet designer Nicky Epstein "Crocheting on the Edge", the name of the pattern is Topsy turvy. I stitched entire band to the elastic rubber to make it stretchable and not twisted.

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  1. Юляш, как трогательно и нежно!Хорошо у тебя получается, вяжи ещё!


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