Sunday, 4 November 2012

A set for a newborn

Finally I finished a set for our awaited baby. As we don't know who is it going to be I tried to choose colors which may suit both a boy and a girl. Hopefully in hot Indian climate this woolen set will be of any use :). 

Here is the video which was initiated by my husband. Seems he liked them most :)

Here is a Russian Master class for these booties.

Pullover with a nice embroidery of a toy train.

And a baby hat for a newborn. It covers the head and the neck properly and hopefully doesn't slip off very easily when a baby move actively. Here is a Russian master class for it.

And lovely socks.

Awaiting for the spring of a new soul :)
The end.


  1. Юлечка всё такое красивое и с такой любовью связано, лучше и не представлю что может быть!!!!


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