Sunday, 1 April 2012

There is no bad experience

I think it's better to start with describing all the experience with beading the purse, may be it'll be of any use for somebody. I had had a great number of trials before I could finally made something proper. Many times I was dissatisfied with the result and willingly unwinding my work starting it again and again, trying it in different ways.

I faced quite some problems. Fortunately, I found ladies who have a good experience in bead crocheting and I am very thankful to them for their help and patience as I was bombarding them with my questions a lot.
First and the most important complication was the quality of beads. Usually experts are using either Czech or Japanese beads which are obviously out of access for me. I have Indian beads, which are very nice in the variety of colors but not much variety of sizes and proper sorting of the beads. So they are just uneven. As my mother said you can improve your skills eternally with uneven beads :)
Firstly I made a pattern on my own but on the bases of a very old patterns  of such beaded purse which was made in Russia in very old times here is the link  Initially, I crochet a circle of seven sectors which I enlarge by crocheing two beads in one stitch at the end of each sector...I got a heptagon with all angles visible and awful clashes of beads, so the border pattern was completely disorganized. Unfortunately, I didn't take the picture of my first trial. So I dismantled it.
Then I decided to crochet an even round by making a sliding addition of the beads. The circle turned out to be perfect round, but it was folding at the edges. And as with the previous trial, beads at the places of extension were twisting and bumping out making the surface rough. Here is the result.

Then I decided that if I take the crochet hook of a bigger size and crochet in a loose way, then I will not have  that problem with twisting beads. At that time I again applied that sliding style of adding the beads. And you can see what was the result: again twisting beads at the places of extension and the thread is absolutely visible which is unacceptable.

And I unwinded this too. Finally, I seriously decided to take advice from more experienced people. This time I made only samples. I tried different threads and crochet hooks always consulting with one lady. Though I succeeded in avoiding twisted beads, but the thread was still very noticeable. Here on the first sample you can see my trial to crochet a loop at the beginning of each row.

I went on trying different threads, so next time I took very thin threads and a crochet hook of a smaller size. And you can see the result. So finally I got an approval from my penfriend.

After so many trials, now I can start dealing with the purse itself. And I'll tell you what...I'm fed up with doing and undoing the same pattern many times. So I've taken decision to draw another one.

  1. Make samples before stating any particle. Try different combinations of threads, crochet hooks and beads;
  2. Sort out the beads;
  3. Do not thread all the beads at once, thread 7-10 row each time. Use simple paper markers to mark each new row;
  4. Threads should not be visible and beads should be even in the row;
  5. Add beads at the same place every time - at the last stitch of every sector;
  6. Don't make loop at the beginning of every row;
  7. You should crochet in  tight way, but don't overdo;
  8. About eight last rows crochet without extension.
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