Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Mermaid set for a little princess

I've got a small break from my endless projects for the order of a Mermaid set.
This time I had a different and a bit more complicated approach to make the tail. 
I chose a pattern with the shell stitches, so that it looks like a fish scales. And I started my work from the top with the ridged rib pattern, then cast on stitches for the main pattern. For that I took some idea from here.
And here is the pattern.

As long as I was crocheting in circle I needed an idea how to decrease so that the pattern would not look distorted. One lady from a forum on gave me a nice solution to decrease dc in shells.

I also managed to make the fin right on the base without making two separate fins and stitching them together to the base. So it came out really neat and nice.

I used Turkish yarn Nako Saten Pale Pink color (251 Yards/ 230 Meters,100 gms/ Ball),
Crochet hook 4mm (for the rib and the laces at the top the hook is 3,5 mm).

To me the combination of rose and emerald colors in headband and brooch was a sudden discovery. The final outcome turned out to be really nice. 
The headband is on elastic.

Frankly speaking, I was amazed when I got this order. It was a man asking me to make this set for his beloved niece. When there is a great amount of different toys in the shops, and still choosing a hand made gift for a small girl is really a sing of tender and loving care! 
Handmade items always have a particle of soul inherited from the one who made it, and they are of course exclusive gifts, you will not find anybody having the same.


  1. Красиво, аккуратно и как всегда с душой. Замечательная русалочка!такое могла связать только нежная душа.

    1. Ндяяяяя! Спасибо :)

  2. Well I'm the one who ordered this for my beautiful niece and must I say I am mighty impressed with Yulia's work. I could not imagine this was handmade..The quality,finishing of the mermaid cocoon is amazing..What impresses me most is that Yulia has an eye for detail.The cocoon looks professionally made and what surprised me was it smelt superb ! Wonder how you did that :)
    All the best Yulia ! Many more of my orders coming your way :)

    1. Thank you, Venu.
      I'm very glad you appreciated my work. Well, what concerns the smell and finishing I have my secrets ;)As a person making handmade things I should have my signature:)
      Hope your niece and her parents will enjoy!


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