Friday, 28 June 2013

Ring sling

This time it's neither crochet nor knitting, but simple stitching. I made this sling long time ago, but have happened to use it just recently when I needed my hands to be free, and my boy was so impatient that he could not see how I was moving here and there without him in my hands.
I don't want to describe how I made it and all the dimensions, I will just say that I got these special rings from Russia. They are very durable and can bear up to 120 kg of weight: so your back will brake but not the rings :))) Any useful information can be found by the following links.

It really helped me and my boy enjoyed because he could witness and control everything what mom was doing.

I know my mom needs my help. That's why I'm always with her and ready to make any advise and cheer her up!

Now she can do everything much faster, coz she has four hands. I am so eager to take part in all adult matters!

If it was not for me, how mom could cope with all the house chores. I can help nonstop! 

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