Saturday, 20 July 2013

Naval Sling necklace

One additional accessory for my sling is ready. 
There are actually many names for this necklace: sling necklace, Mommy's necklace, nursing necklace and feeding necklace. It is quite multi functional. It keeps the baby busy. It is really good in gums scratching and also helps the baby to differentiate colors, sizes, shapes, textures, as long as some crochet creatures on it :). 
It's very helpful when you are walking with the baby or attending some public places.
And finally it's a great and beautiful accessory.

Unfortunately, the weather was so dull here and rainy, so it effected my photos: they came out a bit dark and dull too.

So I have chosen a sea theme, and here is how it looks like.

Some crochet sea creatures and other particles:



P.S. I thought that this sling necklace will save from him holding my chain with the Cross, but now it seems his is holding both of them at a time. Greedy man!

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