Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Just jewelry

Making particles for the future jewelry is very enjoyable, but creating the finished jewelry items is really difficult work. I'm always cracking my brains about how to compile all these items with whatever poor amount of findings and other accessories I have.

These stones were made from the remnants of clay after using a Skinner blend technique. The technique I used for the scrap was mokume gane. I was always keen on trying it in some project. So this was the first trial. 

Broaches and a bracelet in Batik technique made following tutorial by  Tina Holden. Her tutorial is called "Batik and Shimmer Technique".

And some more crazy jewelry. These time I tried using resin with polymer clay items and a little bit of stamping. I also added some glitter before applying the resin.

And the last one for this post. Natasha beads made from ugly cane which didn't come out properly.

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